foil press & printing

foil press

It is possible to provide your product with foil press.

Foil press is a printing process in which a thin foil is applied to the linen with the help of a cliché (stamp) or letters, heat and high pressure.



For foil printing you can choose from the following fonts:


foil colours


gold | silver | rose gold

foilpress stamps

The stamps below are ready made.

You can also have your logo or name made into a cliché [stamp] [one-off costs].

This stamp can then always be used for printing your product.

 Maximum size: 1.0 x 3.15" | 2,5 x 8,0 cm



You can also have your logo or text printed on the linen.

The ink is printed on the linen with an inkjet printer.

This process is only possible on light colors and I can not print in white, gold or silver.