wax seal & vellum assembly

The translucent vellum paper adds the perfect finishing touch.

You can combine the vellum paper with a handemade wax seal to give your clients a beautifully assembled packaging.

wax seals

You can choose a wreath of sali branch wax seal or I can make a was stamp with your logo.

I can use this wax stamp for futher orders.

                                          wreath                                                                                                 sali branch

sealing wax

A wax seal is stamped sealing wax, usually used to seal wedding invitations, envelopes and stationery closed.

However when not keeping something closed a wax seal does an amazing job of being a beautiful embellishment!

De kartonnerie uses the best sealing wax in the most beautiful colours by Artisaire!


You can choose between the following colours:

vellum | soft white | blush | champagne | dusty blue | gold